Fake news. Twitter rants. Harsh rhetoric. Protests and backlash. No matter how you look at it, the 2016 presidential election packed a punch – and threw pundits and media pros alike for a loop.

And now that there’s a new Administration in town, there’s no sign of things returning to “status quo.” From on-the-record interviews citing alternative facts, to divisive protests – both live and digital, we’re left to wonder what to expect moving forward in the world of traditional and social media. What does this mean for our industry? What should we as PR professionals prepare for? How should we adjust our immediate and long-term strategies, if at all?

Join us for a talented panel discussion on February 23, to get the inside scoop from Tony May of Triad Strategies, Jenn Kocher of the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans and Scott Lamar of WITF (moderator).

Bring your observations and questions – but please don’t bring harsh language or partisan critique. We’re discussing strictly business!

Learn more and register by clicking here.

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