Ernest R. McDowell Award for Excellence in Public Relations

Information about the 2019 Nominations will be posted here soon.

The Ernest R. McDowell Award was established by PPRS in 1991 to recognize an individual for sustained excellence in the field of public relations, in both the profession itself and the community.

The award is presented in memory of the late Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Relations with Capital Health System – today’s PinnacleHealth System. Ernie set the standard for professionalism and community service with his good works and lifetime example.

The McDowell Award is presented at the society’s Annual Meeting and Evening of Honors.

Past Award Recipients

  • 1991 Ernest R. McDowell
  • 1992 Robert M. Fisher
  • 1993 Frederick E. Leuschner
  • 1994 Nicholas J. Goble
  • 1995 Kenneth L. Bowers
  • 1996 Robert E. Hetherington
  • 1997 Betty C. Hungerford
  • 1998 George H. Geise
  • 1999 William T. Lunsford, Jr.
  • 2000 David E. Sill (posthumously)
  • 2001 Elizabeth Van Wye
  • 2002 Kathy A. Silks
  • 2003 Susan L. Anthony
  • 2004 Deborah Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • 2005 Robert S. Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • 2006 Tony May
  • 2007 Albert Mason, APR
  • 2008 Kenneth G. Robinson
  • 2009 Rob Rutz
  • 2010 Denise Calabrese
  • 2011 John Maietta
  • 2012 Crystal Hull, ABC
  • 2013 Mark Shull
  • 2014 Tamara L. Gillis, Ed.D, ABC, IABC Fellow
  • 2015 Kathy Burrows
  • 2016 Nance McCown, PhD
  • 2017 Lori Baker Pizzarro
  • 2018 Cheryl Slavinsky

Robert M. Fisher Membership Recruitment Award

Membership is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Without a continual flow of new members, PPRS will not achieve its purpose, as outlined in the constitution and bylaws when the society was founded in 1950.

PPRS has been fortunate in regularly attracting public relations professionals who wish to improve their skills, help elevate the standards of the profession, stay current on trends in the field and engage other colleagues in the field.

The most important source of new members is the membership itself --current members are all recruiters for the society. Consequently, in 2003, PPRS instituted the Robert M. Fisher Membership Recruitment Award in recognition of the acknowledged leader in recommending new members over many years.

The award is presented at the society’s Annual Meeting and Evening of Honors in November.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2003 Robert M. Fisher
  • 2004 Denise R. Calabrese
  • 2005 Stacy Henninger
  • 2006 Stephanie Weyant
  • 2007 Joan Nissley
  • 2008 Suzanne Graney
  • 2009 Joan Nissley
  • 2010 Jennifer Kocher
  • 2011 Joan Nissley
  • 2012 Maria Finn
  • 2013 Joan Nissley
  • 2014 Joan Nissley
  • 2015 Quinn Bryner
  • 2016 Christine Conkright, Eric Kiehl and Joan Nissley
  • 2017 Crystal Hull, ABC, MPA
  • 2018 Joelle Shea