PPRS is a professional society of more than 150 active public relations professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our members represent various types of organizations with expertise in all facets of public relations.

On April 27, join fellow PR professionals and take an inside look at the ever-important topic of internal communications. As we all know, well-informed and engaged employees are our best company ambassadors – an often unsung component of strategic public relations planning.

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On March 30, during Masterpiece Public Relations, PPRS will be exploring the world of the veteran public relations professional through firsthand narratives. 

Whether "it was the best of times or the worst of times," PPRS members were there.

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Fake news. Twitter rants. Harsh rhetoric. Protests and backlash. No matter how you look at it, the 2016 presidential election packed a punch – and threw pundits and media pros alike for a loop.

And now that there’s a new Administration in town, there’s no sign of things returning to “status quo.” From on-the-record interviews citing alternative facts, to divisive protests – both live and digital, we’re left to wonder what to expect moving forward in the world of traditional and social media... Read more