PPRS is a professional society of more than 150 active public relations professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our members represent various types of organizations with expertise in all facets of public relations.

We all have choices. Sometimes our choices are optional and sometimes they are forced upon us, but in the end, we have a choice. 

We have discussed a number of choices that PR professionals have over this year. Next month’s meeting will provide another look at choices as we discuss why and how some PR pros move into consulting... Read more

"You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.” - Wayne Dyer

At times, professional goals and promotions can feel out of reach for everyone. In the communications industry specifically, we often must persuade leadership to listen to our advice about relationships and positioning, not just the hard numbers churned out by other departments... Read more

On April 27, join fellow PR professionals and take an inside look at the ever-important topic of internal communications. As we all know, well-informed and engaged employees are our best company ambassadors – an often unsung component of strategic public relations planning.

We are in a unique position as PR professionals and communicators... Read more